Sir Greendown EP

by Sir Greendown

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Recorded live in the studio 2/18/2012


released May 19, 2012

Harper Marchman-Jones: Vocals, Guitars
R. Andrae Raffield: Guitars, Violin
John Wesley Schneider: Percussion
Diego Villena: Bass, Violoncello

Recording engineered by Eric Rickert and Jeff Leonard Jr. at Ocean Industries.

Mixed by Harper Marchman-Jones

Produced by Sir Greendown



all rights reserved


Sir Greendown Charleston, South Carolina

Childhood friends Andrae Raffield and Harper Marchman-Jones formed a songwriting partnership in 2010 after discovering common themes and aesthetics in material each had composed previously while working with other groups.

The project soon attracted the attention of cellist/bassist Diego Villena and percussionist Wes Schneider. The quartet dubbed themselves Sir Greendown.
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Track Name: Crush the Moon
Stay tuned
Crush the moon
Taste floor
Forever soot

Take apart
This book
Its bindings
Are worn
Straight through
My skin
And worn
Straight through

Your greed
Grandma hits
The sky
All comes undone
Track Name: Dragon Wave
You say you're too complicated
For a peasant boy like me
I think you're wrong
You say you're eviscerated
In ways that I can't see
I think you're wrong

Ride the Dragon Wave
Like a Faerie slave
In an Ogre's cave

Do you desire precious gold
And rubies, clear and fair?
Seek the dragon's lair
Come with me to the boiling sea
Where the streamers in the sky
Get you high, yeah

With the Mage's Eye revealed
And the Holy Dragon Shield
Where will ya go?
Beyond the stars

When seven runes are carved in flesh
And the veil has grown quite thin
Will you love me then?
When the Red Wyrm flies and spoils the land
We'll see whom you hold dear
And whom you fear, yeah
Track Name: Mystic River Casino
Someday you'll see
That I'm a good man
Plagued by a disease

Someday you'll see
It's not my fault
It's my disease

And I drive that old
Country road again
To where my people
Must confess their sins
The Mystic River
Casino looms again
Maybe tonight I'll win

In time you'll see
My luck will change
It's guaranteed

In time you'll see
I'm not deranged
I've got my sanity
They can't take that from me
Track Name: Perfidious Albion
Come watch the glow
Pitch to and fro
Forget all that you know

Blur the line
Relax, recline
Lose track of time

Perfidious Albion

Do you know what's real?
Can you taste and feel?
Fall apart with zeal
Track Name: Idol Collider
To night-train eyes
A drop betrays a gallon
By the arc-lamp moon
The object sighs
The subject swoons
Desire turns the final screw
She bends like yew

Idol collider
The sensors render her sublime
Quanta breaking through the walls of time
The speed inside her!
A billion bells and buzzers chime

To maintain her is a brutal science
A thesis in hardcore
As thrills in trembling passion
Quicken to ash
So wither the fast
Her cloak is cast
Track Name: Reptile Brain
Hunger is humanity
I'll do what's best for me
That's why I fucking own you
And I'll kill to take what's mine
From faggot commie swine
That's why I fucking own you

I'm a slave
To my Reptile Brain
I wanna sink my fangs into your veins

Don't appeal to me
With your heathen trickery
I know that evil drives you
And God is on my side
He'll string you up untried
He knows that evil drives you
Track Name: Eyes Closed
Take it from me (a seeker in the dark)
Don't let the light go
Because love's dumb spark
Will sting and betray
And lead you

It's late
And you're tired
Don't let your eyes close

One becomes accustomed to life without light
It's the sad truth
No miracle star
Will herald the day
the beacon
Is in you